Body of the silencer:

  • Exterior casing in galvanized steel, stainless steel or other weldedmaterial.
  • Exterior casing in steel with minimum 0.8mm thickness with structural steel.
  • Additional reinforcements (frame, angle, etc)
  • Special paint finishes for certain environment condition.
  • Holes on flange for lifting and connection.


  • Choice of wool types (rockwool, fiberglas, etc)
  • Choice of wool thickness and density.
  • Polyester film, black matt finished, glass cloth, etc to protect the acoustic media from oil, water, fiber erosion, etc.
  • Hexagon profile for flow entry and taper end for flow discharge to limit turbulence and pressure drop.
  • Perforated galvanized steel, stainless steel or other material.
  • Baffles assemble with internal structure.

Connecting flanges:

  • Angle iron or TDC/TDF flanges to connect to the ventilation duct system.

Special assembly:

  • In case of concentrated smoke or accumulated dust, it is possible to opt for periodic cleaning or replacement of baffles.



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