Standard Bel Acoustic Door are constructed of heavy gauge steel sheet and filled with heavy acoustic infill. The “sandwich” multi-layer door leaves construction will maximize the acoustic door STC performance. All Bel Acoustic Doors are fitted with heavy duty hinges, in order to swing easily despite their weight. Stainless steel sill is provided against corrosion and water.

Door, frame, perimeter sound seals and door bottom are carefully aligned to minimize the air gap. Standard Bel Acoustic Doors are normally installed for grouting with concrete to form a solid foundation between the doors and building structure.


Bel Acoustic Doors are extensively used wherever it is necessary to isolate a quiet area from noisy environment:-

  • Generator room
  • Chiller plant room
  • Boiler house
  • Pump Room
  • Acoustic Testing Laboratory such as Anechoic room, reverberation room etc.
  • Various situation to reduce indoor and outdoor noise pollution.


The options we offer will meet your needs and requirements:

  • Additional observation windows • Mild steel, Galvanized steel or Stainless steel
  • Additional heavy duty acoustic seal
  • Natural finish (galvanized or satin) and ordinary or special paint.



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